Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Weekend with friends

Feels like it, certainly. Finished The man of my dreams' by 'Prep' author, Curtis Sittenfeld. Good, though not as satisfying or personal to me as Prep.

Now reading Maeve Binchy's 'Quentins'.

Also, the hubby was seen toying with my copy of 'The Deathly Hallows' (HP 7 to you non-believers). I resisted the tempation to stand over his head and insist he read the books in some kind of order. Just about. I think he got as far as chapter 2, but I am not optimistic.


Jay said...

Yeah, even I was waiting for the HP series to get over, so that I can start from the last one. :D

Jay said...

No.. havent read or watched Painted Veil yet.. reading the entire Maugham catalog is right up there on my "ten things to do before i die" list:)

Jay said...

and the moment has arrived.. got started with HP Book #1!:)