Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008: Back to reading

The holidays are coming to an end, and its back to my busy routine, with no time for anything at all. Conversly, no late night movies and no partying mean that I will get to read more!

December went by in a whirl of activity. My husband's sister and family spend 10 days with us, and books took a backseat, as we went houseboat-cruising, temple-worshipping and family-visiting. They did make a brief reappearance, when my mother-in-law gifted the two cousins, girls of 11 and 15, Treasure Island and Robin Hood. To my kids, she gave a copy of Oliver Twist, which I set aside for them to read later. I hope my son, Aditya, at least, turns out to be as precocious a reader as I was. Though I think he will perhaps outstrip me. I recall being average in that department till I was about 7, and then suddenly going all out! Aditya, who is 4, is crazy about reading, and tries to read every word he sees, even brand names. Sometimes that bothers me - I don't want him to think that extra, for instance, is spelt 'xtra'.

This year we had a christmas tree for the children. Christmas was spent with my friend Nandini, over a glass of Cabernet Shiraz. I stuck to my one glass, in spite of all thier urging - but she would be happy to know that I had two full glasses at our company do!

But tomorrow its back to school for the kids, and hopefully I'll get around to finishing A.S. Byatt's The Game.

Happy New Year, all!

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