Tuesday, December 23, 2008

This one's about writing...

This post will focus on writing too - but mine.
This ad was done for my favourite client Mather,
to commemorate the first Indo-Pak match in Cochin.


Purple said...

i am your BIGGEST fan, whether you believe it or not. whether you would want to agree with it or not.
lovely copy n concept. i'd said earlier one day, you are lucky to have mather. i'd say now, mather's lucky to have you.

was this released?


Shalini George said...

brilliant work. I would say you compliment each other....Mather and U :) Bravo!

josh said...

Cute idea; connecting prose. Loved it, Shai. I'd have begged to or beaten up the designer to have those flags removed, though.

Show us more. Write more!
Best wishes!