Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not just books

I don't know what to do with my spare time at work - yes there is such a thing - other than read. I seldom carry a book to work (that would be going too far), so it's usually mags, advertising books and blogs. There are quite a few blogs I check out and some that I keep returning to. It's usually the author's style of writing or personality that engages me.

My favourite. This is a fashion blog that lets rip on the fashion foibles of the rich and famous. Jessica's and Heather's posts are cleverly written with loads of puns and pop culture references.
This is one of those blogs many people contribute to, and I stumbled on it just after we bought our new home. The writing is patchy, but the site has fabulous energy, regular, multiple updates, loads of ideas and colourful displays! Have gone to many many interior design blogs and this is by far the best.
This is the blog of Stephanie (Mrs Limestone, as she styles herself) and its all about how she and her husband are redoing their heritage Brooklyn home. Very interesting and inspiring.
Similar to brooklynlimestone, this blog chronicles Nicole Balch's home reno. It's mostly done by this point, but people new to the blog will have fun with the archives.,

Mitali is the woman behind both these blogs as well as and I'd like to think that we are alike, serious enough to appreciate poetry, frivolous enough to love fashion. The first is a regularly updated series of budget fashion finds from Mumbai (it makes me want to shift there immediately), the second is her personal blog written with a mixture of irreverence and gravity. Style per diem is devoted to daily ensembles.
French blogger and artist who has become a fashion industry insider thanks to this blog. Loads of eye candy pics, fashion events, and above all Garance's own wry and very Parisien take on things.
Is this a blog or a website? Either way its a favourite and the best Harry Potter relates site IM0. I do occasionally check too.

Honourable mentions - the desi voice - a very famous blog by a very famous writer - and- dare I say it - overrated. - blogger oormila is a writer, painter, musician and mother - Sidin Vadakut, fraud mallu, blogs on this Domain Maximus - Another home reno blog - Photographer Scott Schuman's blog - ads from around the world. Hasn't been updated in a while. - A lovely interior decor blog...I never miss the sneak peak section. - Aamir's humour and intelligence make this a delight to read - A must for all Colin Firth fans

Blog Modus Operandi
I check these blogs every 3-4 days usually so that I have enough updates to read. Except Apartment Therapy, which i catch up with every day, since it has at least 5 pages of updates daily.

Favourite websites

and of course, can't live without google or wiki!


Jay said...

Thanks for those links on interior design. We are just about to start our roller coaster ride...

The Restless Quill said...

Please write more often! I sorely need a recommended reading list. 2009 for me was something like your 2008 reading wise.

The Restless Quill said...
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