Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Summer vacation

A lazy time. No school timetables to follow, no lunches to pack, no homework to supervise. It should follow that I spend these days reading up a storm.

Well, yes and no. My domestic help quit in early March, we made our bi-annual trip to the hometown(s), I had my parents over... and it has been a really busy time at work.

Now that I have a new servant, I do have a little time. But the way things are in my life this year, I haven't felt in the least compelled to read anything serious. Just something light and escapist, thank you very much. And so I have been reading Agatha Christies back to back. About 10 at a go. They still make for such fresh reading. I always check the copyright before I start one - most of them were written between the 20s and the 40s. I am both amused at some of the quaint notions and shocked by how 'modern' some of it is. The mysteries are always ripping good fun - some I had read before so vaguely remembered the ending to. Also, am not above turning to the last page :) (Sorry!)

Unfortunately the kind friend who has been lending them to me has nearly exhausted her collection. She does offer me more serious stuff, which I turn down. Since I have known her under a year, I'm sure she thinks I am one of those low-brow readers. Which I cannot remedy anytime soon. In fact I am going even more lowbrow this week. I have borrowed a stack of M & Bs. The first one quite promisingly, is set in Bordeaux. In return, I plan to introduce her to my preferred light reading: Georgette Heyer.

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